Language delay or disorder

Language Delay

A language delay is described as Language developing normally in its sequence and pattern, but the stages are occurring later than expected.When a chid presents with a language delay, whether or not they require intervention will depend on the age of the child and the level of delay.

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Communication ages and stages  cover a wide range as it is accepted that children who are developing at the correct rate can differ quite significantly. 

However, for those children who fall outside these averages if there are no additional difficulties, a period of intervention is usually enough to get them back on track. The earlier this is identified and strategies put in place the shorter the intervention period and the lesser any future impact.

A small delay in a younger child is more significant than the same delay in an older child.  For example, a nine month delay in a 2 year old would require support whereas a nine month delay in a 9 year old may not require intervention.

Language Disorder

A language disorder is diagnosed when language development is uneven in its development and doesn’t follow the normal pattern of acquiring language skills.