Hearing loss levels & Associated Language difficulties

There are different degrees of hearing loss and these are most often classified as mild, moderate, severe or profound. Few children are totally deaf most children with a hearing loss can hear some sounds at certain pitches and volume.

Mild Hearing loss: 20-40 dB would hear a baby crying or music from a stereo but may have difficulty hearing whispered conversation (click for more information)

Moderate Hearing loss: 41-70 dB would hear a dog barking or telephone ringing but may be unable to hear a baby crying (click for more information)

Severe Hearing loss: 71-95 dB would hear a chainsaw or drums being played but may be unable to hear a piano or a dog barking (click for more information)

Profound Hearing loss: >95 dB may hear a large lorry or aeroplane, would be unable to hear a telephone ringing (click for more information)

(Source: British Society of Audiology 1988.)

Some children’s deafness may fall into two categories e.g. moderate to severe. Deaf children with the same level of deafness may experience sounds differently.