School based intervention is often not as successful as it should be because either the transition of learned concepts is not effective or the needs of the child have not be incorporated into the child’s everyday learning environment.

Due to the initial work that is put into the targets, progression and implementation of strategies will appear seamless and will also not single out the child from his or her peers.

The initial work required to transition skills varies according to the difficulties of the child and the support already in place.

Advice & Consultancy

 We can provide schools with one-off or regular consultancy and advice sessions regarding specific children and specific areas of difficulty or issues in the classroom. Observation of and contact with the children prior to sessions are recommended as is liaison with all members of school staff involved with the children and parents where appropriate.

Advice can then take the form of verbal or written advice or a specific program for the child/children concerned.

We can provide:

  • Screening Assessments for new children joining the school
  • Detailed Assessment – to produce targets and programs
  • Detailed Assessments for Statements and tribunals 

You can request school intervention as a parent or an educator

Please contact us for a phone or E-consult, and details on the forms of therapy & training that we provide.