Early Years

El.evate Speech & Language Therapy Service offers intervention from children from 4 months to 18 years. We work with children with a range of different needs, in a variety of contexts.

Our aim is to take a child centered, holistic approach to therapy so that every child’s needs are evaluated and prioritized across all areas of development. This is done in order to provide maximal outcomes in the most functional way

We provide on-site services within the nursery for children with special educational needs. This is to help them, their teachers and support staff observe and include them all aspects of their educational life; from accessing the curriculum to taking part in the social aspects of school.

We run Language Enrichment Groups, Social Communication, Language Groups & Speech Groups.   Groups are run in nurseries in conjunction with  staff in order to provide on the job training and  allow groups to continue on and progress independent of direct  therapist intervention.

El.evate Language  provides a screening assessment  specific to nurseries and reception  class, which  covers all areas of communication for children entering  the school system.

The aim is to evaluate skills and highlight areas that may be beneficial for parents and teachers to focus on even if therapy intervention is not required.

More significant difficulties may also be highlighted through this screen and can lead to early referrals that can prevent avoidable academic difficulties and put any required support in place as early as possible.