Early years

Early assessment by a speech and language therapist is important because:

- Whatever the outcome, assessment of your child’s situation is the best way to find out what you and other people can do to help.

- It’s never too early to help a child’s speech and language development.

- If your child has difficulty learning first words or getting started in language development, there are important pre-speech skills to learn that you may need professional help to understand or encourage.

- If your child does need help, then it’s likely it will take some time for action to be taken and resources to be put in place.

- Identifying difficulty and finding ways to encourage your child’s development reduces frustration, and may help your family to avoid temper tantrums associated with a communication difficulty.

I wish we had asked earlier for an assessment. People kept reassuring us that “He’ll grow out of it, even our GP and the health visitor. But we knew something was wrong. If we had had the knowledge of how to help our child at an earlier stage.

A Pre-School assessment lasts between 60-90 minutes and can consist of any or all communication areas stated below:

  • Play
  • Attention
  • Language – Understanding & Use
  • Speech
  • Speech Perception

Assessments can be formal, informal or a combination of the two

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